Fiduciary Appointments

Red Rock Fiduciary Services, LLC specializes in court-appointed receiverships and other fiduciary appointments in which fraud, or other misconduct, is alleged.

We have over 30 years of experience in the tracing and recovery of assets lost to fraud, and have successfully recovered over $200 million in assets.

Our typical court appointment is either at the request of a government agency, a creditor, or other entity which requires a neutral third party to take temporary possession of a business during the pendency of litigation.

Among the services we provide in this practice area are:

  • Serving as receivers, special masters, trustees, or monitors in federal and state fraud enforcement actions brought by prosecuting authorities.
  • Serving as receivers, special masters, or trustees in federal and state proceedings brought by private litigants in which fraud, or other deceptive business practices, are alleged.
  • Tracing the proceeds of fraud by reconstructing financial records and conducting financial investigations.
  • Managing, preserving, and liquidating real estate and other property subject to receivership proceedings.

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